People Serving Girls at Risk

Chnaging Lives, One at a Time!


People Serving Girls At Risk (PSGR) was registered in 2004 under the Trustees Inc. as a human rights NGO. PSGR started against a background of increased cases of girls and women joining prostitution and falling victims to sex trafficking.

In Malawi, PSGR is a member of M-NAT (Malawi Network Against Trafficking), NGO Gender Coordination Network, and other networks. Internationally, PSGR is a proud member of Girls Not Brides. In May 2017, PSGR joined CAP International, a coalition of frontline organizations united for a world free from sexual exploitation, whose headquarters is in Belgium.

Guiding Principles

CRC Article 34 & 36:

Which obliges States to “protect children from sexual exploitation”, 

Dignity and Equality:

That all human beings are equal and must enjoy their human rights. Sex trafficking and Prostitution takes away human dignity and equality; 


PSGR is a frontline organization fighting exploitation of girls and women and all its forms like prostitution, sex trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and child marriages.


A nation in which girls and women live a dignified life free from prostitution, sex trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and other forms of abuse;

Specific Objectives

  1. Awareness raising on prostitution, sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of girls and women, and child marriages;
  2. Rehabilitation and exit strategies for prostituted girls and women and those withdrawn from child marriages;
  3. To demystify the linkage between prostitution and HIV/AIDS;
  4. Research and documentation on prostitution, sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of girls and women in Malawi;

Please send cash donations to:

Account Name: People Serving Girls At Risk

Account #: 185-0000-319-993

Bank Name: FDH Bank

Branch Name: Umoyo Branch

Swift code: FDHFMWMW

Board and Staff

PSGR has a registered Board of Trustees who provide a oversight role. The choice of Trustees is generally based on their achievements towards children causes in Malawi. The current Board is composed of a human rights law expert, gender and women activist, a youth, water engineer, business management expert, and a development practitioner. The Board meets 3 times in a year.

Mrs. Margaret Ali, Board Chairperson


Secretariat of PSGR is headed by an Executive Director who in turn is assisted by 5 members of staff, 3 interns and 5 Community Based Volunteers. 

PSGR also relies on Peer Educators, who are a bedrock of Life Planning Skills Clubs both in primary and secondary schools.